Welcome to Inside the Box Design

Often we overhear people discussing their desire to "update the look", "pull it together", "makeover", or "ready to remodel".  Some have been pondering it for years; collecting ideas and pieces they love. Others are motivated by the purchase of an appliance, cabinetry or furniture.... they come to realize changing one thing will begin the domino process.

It is common to forge ahead with confidence utilizing ideas found in magazines or on the web, focused on your wants, needs and style......it quickly for many becomes overwhelming.  Assisting Homeowners and Contractors with meaningful solutions and direction to their "Makeover"and "Remodeling" ideas and concerns like these is exactly what we do.

Our  "Function Before the Frosting"  approach  helps prioritize each project; regardless of it's size; and sometimes in stages.  Once the "function" of the space is defined, we evaluate budget, traffic flow, scale, spatial considerations, finally decorative options can now be considered.  This approach protects your return on investment and brings forth a fresh aesthetic, in balance with the rest of your home.

A love of balance and harmony, a formal education in Design, plus 23+ yrs hands on experience in the building trades  all come together with creative ideas & solutions unique to each client and their home. 

The  ALA CARTE' process allows homeowners to define the service they need.

  • Consulting
  • Makeover
  • Remodel
  • Addition
  • General Contractor 

Our Promise

  • To provide homeowners with a high level of experience with full service or Ala Carte options,  not available to them at home centers, lumber yards, etc. 
  • To educate our clients, explain choices and protect the re-sale value of their property.
  • To provide quality products and solutions that are sensible.
  • To include quality professionals & suppliers to protect their investment.
  • To clearly define terms prior to projects beginning.

Our philosophy recognizes the ongoing success of a team approach; sub-contractors that are familiar with each other and acknowledge that communication is key to the success of the project and or relationships.