Patti Freymuth, CGP, CAPS 



Being a veteran of the remodeling and building trades,  I came to recognize the shortcomings and limitations of the build or remodel process for  the homeowners. I sought a fresh approach and change in the process, which realigns the order all decisions and selections are made, to aid the homeowner in maintaining the budget they had in mind at the beginning.

I establised Inside The Box Design,  to support homeowners, remodelers, and builders with cabinetry to suit various budgets, functional clever smart design ideas, project coordination, electrical and plumbing layouts and selections, palette selections and decorative needs.

Because I have no overhead, I am able to provide my clients with a level of service that makes sense, and materials like cabinetry, much more affordibly than Home Centers or Design/Remodel firms; often 10-30% less!!!!