Getting Started

It starts with a desire for change.  The process and the ability to carry it out  can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Choices are overwhelming, and everyone you know has an opinion.......all different.

Yet, knowing what styles suit you, your home and budget is critical. Resale for your neighborhood, not overspending the value, and avoiding trends that can hurt you later are key. Consulting a professional helps build the "bridge", and why we offer Ala Carte services.

Ala Carte'

  • 1st Appointment, (no charge). Discuss scope of project
  • 2nd Choose :   Terms

   Hourly (Consultative)   for smaller projects and "Do It Yourselfers"

  1.  Interior Decoration -  furniture selection, flooring choices,  pre-made window treatments,choosing  the right accesories (I will even go shopping with you to help you bring it all together) 
  2. Paint Colors - Interior or Exterior changes, to brings cohesive success
  3. Wallpaper or faux painting  selection
  4.  Real Estate - working with potential buyer, seller or agent. 

    Flat Rate  (Based on estimated hours spent) best for medium size projects

  1. Window Treatment Design
  2.  Provide Cabinetry for your project (design time not required, will provide estimate off list or  drawing)
  3. Fireplace Makeover (becoming very popular)
  4.  Re-purposing, Refinishing  of special furniture pieces

    Percentage (Rate added to materials and labor costs.) best for larger projects

  1. Kitchen Remodel or Makeover
  2. Bathroom remodel  "
  3. Basement Remodel  "
  4. Mudroom/Laundry Room "
  • 3rd Choice: What would you like help with



     Supplier, with discounts 

      Re-arranging, Re-purposing, Decluttering, Light Staging

      Cabinetry  (7 lines, I buy direct from Manufacturers)

      Furniture  (Design Center or I assist you locally or on line)

      Closets (design and/or  materials)

      Tile (design and/or materials)

      Gallery or Artwork Wall Layout

      Interior Design (soft lines)

      Interior Architectural Design (hard lines)

      Drafting (hand, CAD) *only as part of design project*

      Selections (assist or per hire)

  • 4th Choice:   In what capacity can I best serve you?

       Project Coordinator-  help bring the pieces together, but you 100% manage your project yourself

       Project Manager - sub contracted to design, create technical drawings, handle selections, and        assist meeting with contractors, but you contact, manage and pay each sub-contractor 

       General Contractor- handle your entire project on your behalf



What Clients Love

Having me arrive at their home for each meeting and bring samples for them to review , I have been told repeatedly is one of the things they liked best working with me. I spare them hours of scouring home centers and the internet waiting and worrying if it will all come together as they hope. I take evening and weekend hours that suit their schedules, and will join them to make their selections to help keep their priorities in check.


Knowing all their costs upfront, and knowing they are only paying for work at their home, not the costs of maintaining a showroom or all the other costs associated with the overhead that is part of larger firms. That is solid value that shows in the numbers, over and over.