Understanding Who to Begin With
Sat, November 16, 2013 at 4:15 PM
Inside the Box Design, LLC


Remodeler (Carpenter)  or     Designer

Although these two people often work together, their skill sets and business models are very different. Understanding what they do and how they work is critical to your projects success.  I often joke, "Dont let you designer hang your new door and don't let you remodeler/carpenter design your new kitchen, bathroom or basement"....but oh so true!

A remodelers business model requires them to get in and out as quickly as possible. This means that up front he wants a clear idea of what is wanted, he quickly assess how long it will take him, quotes you a ballpark price. Generally he suggests where you need go to select the materials and make all your selections for cabinetry, tile, paint colors, lighting, hardware, etc. He will do what you ask, and sometimes is comfortable making suggestions.....yet that is usually limited to things he has already been asked to do elsewhere. His skills are generally not about creativity, inspiration, blending old and new, etc.

A designers business model is such that he/she needs to take time to fully understand your goals, budget, changes that may be required, what you want to keep or replace. They have a degreed education that has taught them what they need to consider, how to analyze it, and how to communicate it.   They work with you to define the fininshed plan and prepare all the information and working drawings to aid the remodeler in saving him time getting his job done, with the fewest surprises. That includes: (construction details,all those selections previously mentioned, electrical locations and selections, plumbing locations and selections, venting or heat/cooling, cabinetry, flooring, color palette, etc. They aid the homowner in selecting the best and most cost effective materials to avoid impulsive decisions later that are usually costly, and guide then to make what they envisioned come to life.

Together, an unbeatable team!


Recognizing that partnering with fabulous craftsmen, knowledgable professionals, and dedicated healthcare providers, we bring together a team of people to carry our clients through what can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, only do it on their behalf and with ease.


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