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Adjectives That Help Us Focus

Personal Style Words:

In defining what we love, and creating a vision of personal style, vocabulary is so important.

If we can find the words to describe what it is we love,

1. we can communicate that to others, and

2. we can remind ourselves of our goals as our spaces evolve.

 I encouraged you to try to NOT use interior design words to define your style {words such as: ”eclectic” or “country” or “traditional” or “minimalist” or “coastal” or “modern”}.

Instead, today, I am going to encourage you to try to find your style words by using regular adjectives or descriptive words that appeal to you on these levels:

These words should describe:

  1. How you want your home to feel
  2. How you want your home to look, 
  3. The purpose you want your home to serve


jot down the first words that come to mind in reference to the above list of 3 criteria.


After you have written down all of the words that you first think of, refer to the list below, and see if any of these additional words help you to refine your vision.


Final step?  Think on it, and then, narrow it down to five or so words that best describe what you want  from your home.





More Descriptive Style Words:  {this list is certainly not exhaustive. In addition, why not take a thesaurus and try to nail down the perfect words for your own personal style?}

playful,    vibrant,   dramatic,   clean lines,   beautiful classic,   comfortable,    lush,   fresh,   flowing,    rich,    bold,    energetic,  

peaceful,   serene,   elegant,   simple,   conservative, interesting,  adventurous,  unpretentious,   unexpected,    order,    neutral,    textured,    showy,    artsy,  funky,   flashy,  glamourous,  regal,   effortless,   timeworn,   spacious, formal,   informal,   bare,   unique,   creative,   musical,   sophisticated,   wild,    daring,    fun,   artistic,   hospitable,   welcoming, charming,   uncluttered,    warm,   hip,   crisp,   airy,   breathable,   bare, edgy,   industrial,   breathes,    minimal,    reserved,    homey,   sentimental, inviting,   ordered,   natural,   modern,   unexpected, soothing,   earthy,    cool,    cozy,    earthy,   quality,   sparse,   storied, refined,   lux,   purposeful,   kid-friendly,    rustic,   vintage,   relaxing, light,   fiery,    exciting,    calm,    open,    colorful,    free,  comforting, sumptuous,  

light-hearted,   organized, colorful,   gutsy,    posh,    plush,    proper,   imperfect,   

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