Working with Inside The Box Design

We could tell you how great we are, but we would rather have our clients speak for themselves:

Quality with finesse

Patti Freymuth's ability to create , design, manage and finalize the design and function of my home was beyond my comprehension. She took a 1950-1960 home from a drab lifeless no architecture home to a beautiful modern sleek kitchen, living, dining area inclusive with huge natural stone fireplace with beautiful millworked beams across the ceilings to all the beautiful features of hardwood floors, granite, glass  and more. I can't say enough of her ability to handle the contractors with finesse so they still felt good  and not threatened by her. to be able to communicate with  them  and keep them on budget. I would recommend her for any job and know in my heart that you would have the best of the best.

Phyllis Johnson   


An addition for our home

Years ago we talked to you about designing an addition for our home. Your initial visit with us was three hours. You took that time to find out what we wanted to achieve, our likes and dislikes, even colors. You care about every detail. What makes you unique is that you designed this addition to fit our style, not yours. Through all this we learned to take the time to really think things through. Because you kept striving for us to do this we now have a design that we truly love. This in turn will save us money because we didn’t start the project while trying to finalize the design. At the time we couldn’t imagine how important it was to know what color scheme we wanted. We have come to appreciate the talent you have and recognize the value it brings to our project.  Thank you for everything you do. We will be more than happy to refer you to other potential customers.

Mike & Diane Bajko  


What I love about working with Patti

She has a can-do approach to her work. No project is too big or too small. Her ability to reconfigure space - including heavy-duty remodeling - as well as to launch that space fully decorated, makes her indispensable in my book. She is NEVER without sound solutions that work. But these solutions do not come before she listens. And she hears. AND SHE REMEMBERS. Offhand comments I make, as well as the in-your-face requests - she manages to collect and integrate them all. I feel heard, understood. Her ideas reflect this fact thoroughly. I am constantly amazed at how she can include all my (often far-ranging and conflicting) thoughts and needs, and NAIL THEM. And all with an incredible amount of creativity. She's VERY SHARP. Things I'm forever stuck on get blown away by her thought-filled, often lively solutions that just LEAP out of her. I've never seen/heard so many fresh, creative ideas. I hate the term "outside the box" - but that explains where her ideas are born, then she turns them into an exciting version of my own taste. And she does it reasonably. Those ideas come in at all levels. She has been right on with simple projects as well as high end undertakings. Good design is the bottom line with Patti and she can do it on a shoestring or grand scale. And it's delivered in the overall form of a highly professional, warm, conscientious, FUN and classy lady. She offers a strong range of solutions. She communicates very thoroughly about what to expect when and is very clear about each step of the process. It is a JOY to work with her. I trust her completely, both in matters of design and in business. And I am thrilled with the changes that have become my new home. And because of that...I would never hesitate to recommend Patti and Inside the Box.

Diane Lane    


Remodel work

As a small Electrical Contractor, I have always done a lot of residential high-end remodel work.  Often, the work is through a designer of one sort or another.  I have even had jobs that involved multiple designers.  The multiple designer scenario usually plays out badly - subcontractors have a rough time getting the proper answers to do their jobs and sometimes even become the communication link between designers because they won't talk to each other on their own. Patti has been very detail oriented on every job that I have done with her.  That is not to say there are no problems with them, problems are a fact of life.  We have always found a way to get to the ultimate design goal. She listens to reason and evaluates ways to achieve her design layout.  But I think the true measure of a good designer is how they treat their customers and how they get along years after the fact.   I have more often than not seen Patti become lifelong friends with her customers.  After her professional relationship requirements have been met, she still has a social relationship with them that seemingly never ends.  That is how well she gets to know her customers.  When your customers think enough of you to want to socialize and spend time with you, you have indeed left your mark and it will not be hidden.

Bob Van De Car, Owner
VDC Electric, LLC


Projects run smoothly
I can testify that in my experience working with you, you do not fit the description of the war stories I hear from other contractors about working with designers. I enjoy working with you.  You help make the project run smoothly.  You are thorough.You are prompt.You are immediately responsive to problems or concerns. You are kind and honest. Your end product is very nice and most of all, the customer is happy. On the weakness side. . . . . Just kidding.

Gregg Garn, Owner
Waterfront Property Management


Multiple remodels
Patti has worked with us on a total remodel of our home, including kitchen, 3 baths, living room, entry, and 4 rooms in the lower level.  She is very efficient and thorough, taking great pains to determine exactly what suits us best.  In several cases this was quite complex because it took us a while to determine the exact design we wanted.  She handles a wide range of styles very well and helped us see the results of our ideas as part of the decision process.  Her goal is not to have her thoughts prevail, but to help us be pleased with the result. She develops creative solutions to design concepts and client interests. She works well with subcontractors and establishes detailed schedules for them, along with appropriate responsibility for timing and quality.  The quality of workmanship is suited to the cost/complexity of the activity.  Our carpenter was really a cabinet maker who also made a custom railing and other items. Our project added extra complexity because we wanted to use environmentally friendly materials that were not readily available in our location, but Patti was very flexible and eager to work with our requests. If you have any issues that are extremely important to you, such as cost and timing, let her know at the beginning and she will work with those parameters.  We would definitely have her work with us again. Patti is very honest and ethical.  Many of her customers become friends through working with her, and we are happy to be part of that group.

Dave & Helen Bullock  


Complete redesign "Up North"
We engaged Patti to assist us with the interior planning, design and decoration of our “Up North” cottage.  Patti was incredibly helpful in many ways. First, she took the architectural design of the home and added many improved features – for example, she redesigned the entire layout of the master suite and bathroom to make it more accessible, providing features such as a cosmetic counter, and outside natural lighting. She also decorated the room in such a way to recast the tall ceilings to look spacious but not overwhelming.  The placement of knobs in the showers throughout the home were designed with “old age” in mind – easy access whether sitting or standing. The placement of towel racks – not something one would normally think about, are in exactly the right place as you step out of the shower.  The walk-in closets have just the right amount of short and long hanging racks, sweater drawers, jewelry storage, etc. She spent many hours understanding what all members of the family liked from a décor viewpoint and decorated to match.  So each room is very individually designed, including color palette, fabrics, accessories, etc.  This was very important, so each family member has their own individual space, particularly designed to their liking.  For example, my daughter wanted a very “light” look to her room, which is actually quite dark in terms of sunlight.  Patti searched for, and found, the perfect curtains, with open weave and sea shell trimming, yet still providing light and privacy. Every space was utilized, whether it be in the attic, the basement, the stairwell, behind the furnace…there is thoughtful storage units, with easy access, throughout the home, due to Patti’s design and direction to the builder. Patti spent many hours on fabric and furniture design, taking into account the use of the furniture, wear and tear, etc. For example, in the recreation room, the sofa needed to be wearable, extremely comfortable, suitable for grandchildren (no sharp edges), etc. She found the perfect fabric to match curtains, paint, etc and then created the furniture layout to suit the room.  Not an easy task, and certainly not one that I could have done myself. Patti also adds that “extra special touch” with the perfect accessory in the right color, the right size, and searches until she finds it.  There is no “that will do”, in Patti’s vocabulary!  For example, she took one of my favorite paintings and arranged with the artist to switch out the frame so that it was the perfect color for the room.  She has helped with finding the perfect placemats for the dining room, so they match the table, and provide the right ambiance and at the right cost. Patti has been very vigilant about cost – we give her the budget and she works within it.  Sometimes that means she finds the perfect lampshade at Walmart, or, believe it or not, the perfect curtains at J C Penny – and then hung them to look just right!  An amazing skill of vision and creativity! Patti has been invaluable in making the house our home…working closely with the architect, the builder and all of the subcontractors, to ensure that every detail is considered.  The end result is that we have a beautiful home, exuding each family member’s personality, and is warm, welcoming and very unique!

Brian and Christine Mackenzie 


Outstanding architectural designer
We would like to personally and professionally recommend Patti Freymuth as an outstanding Architectural Interior Designer.  She has worked with us for over 2 years and has completed two large design projects that exceeded 50K.  She in not only a great designer, but also a very good “commissioning agent”.  She takes charge working with the various trades and contractors and develops a healthy team approach, while being well respected by everyone.  Patti ensures that the equipment and systems are designed, installed, functionally tested  and capable of being operated in conformity to the design intent.  Patti also attended the 2007 Green Build Expo in Chicago where all the latest sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services were displayed.  After personally attending this same show this year in Boston, I was extremely impressed with the level of architects and interior designers present. When we first met with Patti, she listened to not only to how we thought we wanted to decorate and renovate our cottage, she asked great questions in getting to know both of us.   She took our personalities, lifestyles and our preferences into full consideration as she developed suggestions.   Her drawings were very fun to review, and she was open to all our subsequent thoughts and ideas as a result of her research and creativity.  At one point, when we decided we just weren’t happy with what we had fully agreed upon, she complimented us, and said “Great!  Now great ideas will arise!”, and they indeed did.  Patty considers all little details that we would never think of, and makes the selection process fun and energizing.   We love our cottage even more, knowing the great TLC we have all put into this.

Kurt & Carolyn Wacker


Consistent, fresh ideas
In the last 15 years of installing kitchens and baths, Patti has consistently brought fresh ideas to the job. No other designer I worked with went out of there way as much to develop and expand the clients visions and ideas. It seems as there was no “easy” installs when Patti was the designer because she wasn’t afraid of any project or idea. And always the clients loved the final product.In my trade the most common mistake homeowners and builders make is not hiring or listening to there designer.The small percentage of the overall home expense that would go to a designer will more than pay for itself by the pre-planning that avoids costly changes or unforseen problems.Patti is the best at maximizing layouts and space, making homes comfortable yet functional for today’s families.When it came to customer service Patti again set the bar very high. Myself and all the trades on the job could always get a hold of Patti right away. None of this leaving a message and waiting hours or days to hear back, even if you called her nights or weekends. Patti is a talented hard working designer who is an asset to the home building industry.

Nick Roude, Owner
NR Craftsmen